Planter DIY

Upcycle Your Hint Bottle: Planter DIY

Why add to the 185 pounds of plastic the average American throws away per year? Don’t throw away your bottle when you can give a plant a home! This DIY planter is self-watering, so it is not only easy to create, but also easy to maintain!


  • hint bottle
  • paint
  • potting soil
  • small plant or seeds
  • string
  • water
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • paint brushes
  • popsicle stick


1. Take the label off the bottle.


2. Using a box cutter and scissors, cut the bottle in half.


3. Paint/decorate the two halves of the bottle.


4. Take the box cutter and cut an X in the center of the cap.


5. Cut several 6 inch strings and tie the end in a knot. Then take the knot side of the string and push it through the cap using the popsicle stick (to help if needed).


6. Fill the bottom half of the bottle a ¼ of the way with water.


7. Screw the cap back on the top half of the bottle. Turn the top half upside down where the string is in the water.


8. Put the plant in the top half and fill with soil.


9. Enjoy your self-watering planter or make more to start a collection! Add water to the bottom of the planter every few days or as needed.