Hint How-To: Stay Healthy This Summer!

It’s not quite summer yet, but the happy hours and events are already starting! They’re plenty of tips around about how to get ready for summer, but once you’re there, then WHAT!?! It’s hard not to over-indulge with all the excitement and fun that is summertime. Follow these 4 easy tips to KEEP that summer body you’ve been working so hard for!

1. Take advantage of all the yummy seasonal produce! It’s hard not to already love berries and watermelon, but they are at their absolute best and juiciest in the summertime! Not only are they delicious, they have health benefits! Berries are packed with antioxidants and watermelon has the highest content of lycopene of any fruits. Lycopene can help protect you from UV rays-a must in the summer!


2. Stay hydrated! With the summer heat (and cocktails – lol!) you have to stay hydrated! You should be having 2-4 cups of water a day, or 2 hints