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Shopping Locally Has Its Benefits

An aspect of a healthy lifestyle is not only knowing what’s in your food, but also where your food comes from. Yes, the grocery store is a one-stop destination for everything you need, but buying locally has so many benefits. Going to your local farmer’s market or produce stand goes a very long way.

First off, by buying from small, nearby farms, you are supporting your community and its economy. You know that your money is directly helping the people you live around, and you’re helping your town.

You know exactly where your food is coming from. Whether you go and pick the blueberries yourself, or read the list of farms your small grocery store gets their produce from, you know that it’s fresh and you’ll know where to look if you want to know about the chemicals they use and the processes the products you’re buying go through.

By buying locally, you’re helping to decrease pollution. Produce is shipped all across the country via plane, boat, truck, and train. Getting your corn from the farm in the town over means you’re not fueling the massive truck that’s bringing corn from out of state and burning a ton of fossil fuel.

You can find more than you can imagine at your local farm or produce stand. Look into what local options you have, and stock up on all the fresh produce your heart desires! You can even look into join a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. Through this type of program, you pay one fee for the season, and weekly or bi-weekly, you get a share of the crops grown. It’s a great and simple way to support local agriculture.