celebrating water quality month

Celebrating Water Quality Month!

August is water quality month! This might not be a holiday you are used to celebrating. However, here at hint we pride ourselves in our own water quality. This month is a chance for us to recognize the importance of water quality around the world because all the water channels are connected.

Here’s a quick science refresher:

Water Cycle

Any body of water, anywhere in the world, is contributing to the global water cycle – even a bottle of hint! For our own, and future generations, it is important to conserve the purity of the earth’s water. Follow these easy tips you can incorporate in your daily life to help everyone’s water quality!

  • Switch to nontoxic cleaning products – especially those used near the drain, like kitchen and bathroom cleaners
  • Never use the storm drains to dump anything other than water
  • Dispose of unused or expired medicines properly – not down the toilet
  • Avoid pesticides and unnatural fertilizers
  • Spread the word about water quality and keep yourself educated
  • Find more tips from California Clean Water Action!

When you drink water it is especially important to think about water quality. Did you know that not all bottled water is filtered in the same way? Many water bottle companies fail to fully filter their water. The results are often practically the same as tap water. Spring water, artesian water, and glacier water all contain additional minerals, so the flavor is not pure water.

Wondering more about hint’s water quality?

Hint Water-1

We bottle hint at multiple locations across the United States. We start with whatever local source is closest to pure water (H2O only) and then apply the appropriate purification technique to result in a very low mineral content water – virtually 100% pure. No matter where your bottle of hint was created, the product inside meets the same standards for purity and taste. The resulting ultra-pure water is the base into which we infuse our natural flavors. All of our natural flavors are from non-GMO plants.

We would never put our flavors in tap water, spring water, artesian water, or glacier water because they all contain substances that could ruin the subtle, well-rounded taste of hint.

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