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How to Create a Healthier, More Productive Workspace in 6 Steps

Set yourself up for success with the best hacks for keeping a healthy and more productive workspace. From hydration to organization, these tips are easy but go a long way.

The Best Photo Gadgets for Adventure Junkies

Are you an adventure junkie? Love taking photos? Here are the best photo and video devices to snap the perfect picture of your travels on land or at sea.

Travel Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

A roundup of our favorite articles from around the web this week.

Big Soda Has a Big Lawsuit—Here’s What It Means for You

Social change group, The Praxis Project, is suing Coca-Cola. Find out the details of the latest allegations against the soda giant.

Why Your Lips Are Chapped in Winter—and How to Prevent It

Your lips can become dry and scaly any time year, but it’s most common to suffer from chapped lips in the winter. (Are you...

4 Nutritional and Cooking Benefits of Cast-Iron Pans

Besides the arm workout, cooking in a cast-iron skillet has other redeeming qualities for our health and our wallet. We know we should aim...

Check Off These 3 Boxes to Set Any Fitness Goal

Having ideas of what you want to do, of what you want to look like, and of what you want to achieve, is great. Ideas...

3 Simple Tips For a More Mindful 2017

The new year represents a fresh slate for many, and a lot of people will be setting resolutions. Many of these will be related...

Live the High Life Without the Sugar High

Did you find yourself consuming more sugar than normal over the holidays? Well, it's time to get back on track! Here is the latest...

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