Bird Feeder DIY

Upcycle Your Hint Bottle: Bird Feeder DIY

upcycle your hint bottle to be a bird feeder with this easy and quick DIY! recent studies show that only about 5% of plastic bottles are recycled once they are used, but this DIY makes it easy and fun to recycle your bottle.


hint bottle
two wooden spoons
box cutter
permanent marker
washi tape or other decorations
one popsicle stick
bird food


upcycle-your-hint-bottle 1. Remove the label from the hint bottle

Remove-label 2. With a permanent marker, indicate the areas you will cut for the wooden spoons and a popsicle stick. Mark the bottle as shown in the picture below. Draw two holes on the neck of the bottle, one on either side. Then, draw two squares where you want the curved part of the spoon to go through. Next, make two X’s on the other side of the bottle for the handle part of the spoon.

bottle marking
3. Using a box cutter, cut the lines you drew

cut openings
4. Using washi tape or other decorations of your choosing, decorate the bottle

time to decorate
5. Put the wooden spoons through the holes you cut in step two

insert wood spoons
6. Fill the bottle with bird food

fill with bird feed
7. Put the popsicle stick through the neck of the bottle and tie the string to either side of the popsicle stick

hang and enjoy

8. Hang the feeder and enjoy!

DIY Bird Feeder