Storm Jonas Has You Snowed-In? Our Favorite Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever

The country was all abuzz over Storm Jonas this past week – with good reason! Jonas was the single-biggest snowstorm on record for at least 6 locations in the East. Allentown, PA; Baltimore-Washington International Airport; Harrisburg, PA; New York’s Laguardia Airport; and Newark, NJ had their biggest EVER snowfalls on record ! West Virginia received 42 inches, and at least 14 states received more than a foot. Even though Jonas has come and gone, its massive footprint still remains, so we have put together a list of favorite activities to help you avoid snowed-in cabin fever!

Alamo Drafthouse

If you can make your way out of the house, (don’t worry, just for a little while, until you get into a warm movie theater!) you should try and visit Alamo Drafthouse. The cinema chain is all about bringing back the magic to the cinema-going experience– there is a full food and drink menu, as well as waiter-service at every location. The theaters also offer unique programming, like themed throwback movies and silent films! Comfy chairs, good movies, and REAL food—like yummy Brussel Sprout salad! Alamo’s definitely worth a visit during your Jonas staycation, or otherwise! The cinema chain has locations in Virginia, Texas, New York, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, Colorado, California, and Arizona. See if there’s one near you!


Binge Watch Netflix

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to do some binge-watching? Winter storm Jonas lets you feel a little more productive about how you were going to spend your weekend anyways!