diy piggy bank

Adorable Piggy Bank DIY

This diy will help you save money in two ways – you can use recycled materials and keep track of your spare change! Learn how to make this surprisingly easy piggy bank craft from your used hint bottle.


  • piggy bank cut-out template
  • construction paper
  • paper straw or dowel
  • hole punch
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • hint bottle


  1. Trace and cutout template onto construction paper
  2. Attach body and ears
  3. Cut circles with hole punch
  4. Attach circles as eyes and nostrils
  5. Cut hole on top to drop in coins
  6. Cut straw/dowel into desired length for legs
  7. Attach legs with glue
  8. Fill with all your change! You can use the nose/bottle cap to remove change when you need a little extra cash đŸ˜‰