diy watermelon manicure

DIY Watermelon Manicure

We asked our friends over at HiLovely to give us a DIY tutorial on how to make watermelon nails. Trisha, from Team HiLovely is here to share how to make your nails perfectly watermelon inspired!

Here’s your step by step pictorial for a fun DIY summer inspired watermelon manicure!

diy watermelon nails

Step 1: Start by designing a color scheme!  I opted for a whimsical color palette and used Essie Blanc, NARS Back Room, Essie Beyond Cozy, ella+milla sun has set, China glaze highlight of my summer and Julie gel effect plumping top coat.

step 1 diy watermelon nails

Step 2: Then I painted a rough coat of mint green on the pinkie and middle finger, and 2 smooth coats of glitter on my ring finger and hot pink on the remaining finger and thumb.

step 2 diy watermelon nails

Step 3: Next I carefully painted hot pink over the mint green and left a thin boarder along the outside edge.

step 3 diy watermelon nails

Step 4: Now it’s time to put your free hand skills to the test.  Using a small brush I painted a thin boarder of white in between the hot pink and mint green.  This part is the hardest so just work in slow small brush strokes.

step 5

Here is what your nails should look like at this point!

diy watermelon nails

Step 5: Now using a dotting tool or tooth pick add your polka dots to your ring finger and thumb, as well as add your seeds to the watermelon shapes.

diy watermelon nails

Step 6 (optional!): And just for fun I added 3 seed shaped rhinestones to my index finger!  At this point you just need to apply the top coat so your manicure will last all week!

diy watermelon nails