What hint water personality are you?

Which Hint Water Personality Are You?

What’s your favorite hint water flavor?

Find it below and see what it says about you!

  • Crisp apple: you’re sweet with a lil’ sass but at your core – you’ve got old fashioned roots
  • Blackberry: when you walk into a room, you brighten the day. you make those near you super comfortable
  • Blood orange: you’re a little outside the box and maybe standoffish at 1st, but once people get to know you, they’re hooked
  • Peach: you’re super sweet (people gush about how nice you are), but you’re not afraid to do your own thing
  • Watermelon: you’ve got some swag and people dig it, but underneath it all, you’re just a big ol’ softie;)
  • Raspberry: you’re traditional, like to do right by people and easily make friends with a wide range of folks, but you’re strong and know what you want
  • Pomegranate: you’re whip smart with an inner bohemian care-free personality that makes you a magnet for advice giving. you’re not afraid to venture “out of the box” and always finish what you start.

what hint water personality are you?

  • Strawberry-kiwi: you’re a happy human with a comic side that never fails to disappoint. you’re laid back, optimistic, and live by the motto “whatever’s meant to be will be.”
  • Mango-grapefruit: you’re known to wear your heart on your sleeve and need to set boundaries so people don’t take advantage of your niceness. everyone wants to be around your warm energy, and you put a smile on any face.
  • Honeydew: your friends, family and loved ones mean more to you than anything in the world. you’re fiercely devoted to doing what’s right and stand up for what you believe in.
  • Pear: you’re an innovative thinker with a passion for making a difference in the world. you’re not afraid of doing your own thing and for that, people in your life have much respect and admiration for you.
  • Cucumber: at times, you may appear standoffish or intimidate folks, but that’s just because you’re a little on the quiet side. once people get to you know you, you’re bright, bubbly, and their best thing since sliced bread. you believe the best things in life are free – love, friendship, and family.
  • Lime: your friends have called you quirky, you’re known to laugh – a lot – and you appreciate being the advice giver amongst your circle of friends. you’re you, and you’re gosh-darn proud of feeling comfortable in your skin.
  • Peppermint: you appreciate the little things in life the most – a comforting smile by a stranger, thank you cards, and random acts of kindness. you believe in the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated, and the people in your life adore you for it.

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