a healthy slushy

A Healthy Pineapple Slushy

Slushies (dare we say it!) are one of our favorite treats come summer time. The thing is … they’re usually full of sugar,  artificial food dyes, and a whole bunch of empty calories.

So we got to creating a healthy pineapple slushy. Because again, these frozen refreshing treats help us beat the heat … and did we mention that we love pineapple?

That being said, after much fun in the kitchen, we have a healthy dee-licious summer treat for you! This fruity concoction is natural, made from  fruit, and super tasty to boot.

Finally, a healthy pineapple slushy! Can you say YUM?


a healthy slushy



– Pineapple hint water

– 1 cup of pineapple, cubed



– Pour pineapple Hint water in ice trays and freeze

– Once the pineapple Hint ice cubes are frozen, blend with fresh cubed pineapple

– Pour into glasses and enjoy your fabulous healthy pineapple slushy!

Get pineapple hint water here.