how to grill fruit

How to Grill Fruit

Ever wonder how to grill fruit?

We did before we discovered these simple 4 tips we’re about to share with you. And they’ve changed the fruit-grilling game!

Say goodbye to burnt or charred fruit and hello to perfectly juicy and sweet grilled fruit.

Grilled fruit is healthy and delicious and can easily be thrown on the grill alongside all your other BBQ classics!


Here are 4 simple tips on how to perfectly grill fruit. With these tips, you’ll achieve that sweet juicy perfection we’re all craving! 

Step 1: Lightly brush fruit with olive oil. This will help prevent the fruit from sticking and drying out!

Step 2: Don’t peel fruit! The skin protects the fruit and keeps the inside juicy and soft!

Step 3: Place fruit directly over hot coals or flames, then rotate them to the cooler parts of the grill so that the outside doesn’t cook too quickly!

Step 4: Keep a constant watch over these treats! They tend to cook quickly (about 5 minutes) so make sure you keep a careful watch over them so that they don’t burn!


Our favorite fruits to throw on the grill are peaches, pineapple, and mango.

They make the perfect side to any BBQ dish or a delicious desert for after dinner! Try this at your next BBQ – they are sure to be a winner!