watermelon hint popsicles

Healthy Watermelon Hint Popsicles

Love popsicles?

We do too. Especially during summer.

But the thing is, most are full of sugar.

Today, we have the answer for you, healthy watermelon Hint popsicles. They’re less than 20 calories a pop and have no diet sweeteners or added sugar. Plus, they’re delicious!

They’re soooo good and incredibly easy to make.

healthy watermelon popsicles


Check out the recipe below.

Time to make: about 5 minutes

Time to freeze: about 4-5 hours



– Hint watermelon water

– Cubed watermelon

– You’ll need popsicle molds and/or popsicle sticks



– Fill the popsicle molds with a few watermelon cubes

– Fill the rest of the molds with watermelon hint water

– Freeze & enjoy!

The best “unsweet” treat ever.