20 reasons to drink more water

20 Reasons to Drink Water

Need reasons to guzzle more h20?

Here are 20 reasons to drink water for you and your body:

  1. Water supports your metabolism
  2. Helps prevent headaches
  3. Improves your energy
  4. Allows your body to decipher if you’re really hungry or thirsty
  5. Provides you with pure hydration
  6. There’s no sugar, dyes or artificial sweeteners in it (just like hint water)
  7. Helps your digestion
  8. Helps prevent constipation
  9. Allows your body to naturally flush out toxins through sweat
  10. Improves muscle performance
  11. Allows your body to maintain its balance of fluids
  12. Water gives your body what it’s made of  – you’re over 60% h20
  13. It’s 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 fake and natural
  14. Proper hydration helps your skin look vibrant and healthy
  15. Water lets your kidneys do their job of removing waste from your body
  16. Guzzling enough h20 helps decrease your risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections
  17. Helps prevent muscle cramps
  18. Assists in weight loss and feeling full
  19. Supports your immune system
  20. Helps you generally feel well

Why do you drink water??

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Corinne DobbasCorinne Dobbas, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach with a Masters in Nutrition. Specializing in coaching, weight loss, and behavior change, Corinne has helped hundreds of women develop a healthy positive relationship with food, their body, and themselves. She helps women do this by showing them how to create a healthy lifestyle (they love) using a holistic approach. She believes lasting change starts from the inside out. Visit her at CorinneDobbas.com

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  1. Juicer
    Juicer says:

    I’ve always been involved in sports, therefore, drank a lot of water and still do, but I’ve switched to HINT! I also take meds that require me to drink lots of water. I’m 62, vegan, love HINT H2O and love life.

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