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anti-aging foods

Chocolate May Make You Live Longer, a Study Says

Until we discover the fountain of youth, we’re trying every…
Healthy Way to Drink Alcohol

Here Is the Healthiest Way to Drink Alcohol

While moderate alcohol consumption can have some health benefits,…
fruit juice guidelines for children

No Fruit Juice for Kids Before Age 1, Says the AAP

Fruit juice has historically been recommended by pediatricians…
quitting sugar

Quitting Sugar Gets Easier—We Promise

One nutritionist gets real about the struggles of banning sugar—and shares tried-and-true tips for getting through it.

3 Detox Recipes You Can Make With Hint Water

Detoxifying recipes for great skin, body and clear mind
The Heroes Project

The Heroes Project Gets You Fit While Helping Wounded Veterans

An inspiring journey to be involved in for the adventure seekers mixing fitness and fundraising.
detox yoga poses
low calorie sweeteners

Low-Calorie Sweetener Consumption Is Soaring, a Study Says

New data shows that children are consuming 200% more low calorie sweeteners than they were 10 years ago. Is this benign, or should we be concerned?

Live the High Life Without the Sugar High

Did you find yourself consuming more sugar than normal over the…

Can Distance Running Make You a Better Thinker?

We all have that one friend who claims that running helps them…