8 habits for a healthier happier mind

8 Habits for a Healthier Happier Mind

Down and out? Try one of these 8 habits for a healthier happier mind.

1. Get moving

The harder your heart pumps, the more oxygen is distributed to your brain. The increased blood flow boosts memory and enhances cognition.


2. Drink up

Since brain tissue is over 70% water, keep your brain cells thriving by staying hydrated.


3. Stay Positive

Easier said than done, but negativity results in an unhappy outlook. Boost happiness by superimposing affirmations over self-deprecating thoughts. If the raincloud isn’t budging, try writing down a few activities that make you happy and try out the methods the next time things get stormy.


4. Take a quick nap

Even just fifteen minutes of light sleep can increase memory, and improve your mood, and refresh your brain cells.


5. Meditate

Adding some zen to your usual routine will benefit nearly every part of the brain. The deep breathing and practiced focus will increase brain activity and sharpness.


6. Eat Smart

Glucose, a simple sugar found in many foods, provides your brain with fuel to keep its cells functioning and evolving. Because your brain can’t store glucose, it depends on a steady stream of the simple sugar from your bloodstream. To keep your mind happy, gobble up some complex carbohydrates, which are best found in fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.


7. Puzzle away

Pull out Scrabble or any other challenging game to keep your brain stimulated. Many studies have shown that the brain is much like a muscle: to keep it in shape, it needs to be worked out frequently. So keep yourself sharp by penciling in the answers to a daily crossword or Sudoku.


8. Learn something new

Challenge your mind with unfamiliar activities to literally make your brain bigger by activating new areas of your brain. Pick up a foreign language or an unique instrument, and your mind will expand.