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The #1 Routine That Everyone Should Practice

Self-care is an extremely important concept but you probably often ignore your own needs when life gets busy, hectic, or stressful. The term “self-care” may seem a bit more unapproachable (or perhaps overwhelmingly holistic) than it really is—in fact, it’s often completely up to you and only you to define it for yourself.

While the idea of establishing this type of routine may seem like only something a health guru would be able to maintain, it’s actually the opposite. A self-care routine is even more crucial for someone who is extremely busy, experiencing adversity, or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling a million things at once. This type of lifestyle leads us to put ourselves last, and often, completely ignore our own personal needs or send them to the bottom of the priority list. By doing so, we are harming ourselves without even realizing the root of the problem. Relying on the common excuse, “I don’t have time” doesn’t work in this case. You should always have or make “time” when it requires only a few minutes to consider what you need to make your quality of life better. In the long run, self-care affects every aspect of your life, whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

Why should you believe in it? Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs, explains it best when touching on the topic with Well + Good saying, “When we stop prioritizing self-care, everything else follows suit—your confidence is depleted, your energy is zapped, you may break out or look worn out. You need to consciously control routine lifestyle activities, like maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercising, daily care for your skin, and quiet time.” In other words, by failing to recognize your own needs, you’ll create a domino effect that impacts all aspects, not just the personal issues, in your life.

Let’s get down to good stuff. You’ll be surprised to learn that starting a self-care routine can be as easy as beginning with one daily ritual—maybe it’s turning your morning cup of tea or coffee into a five minute meditation where all stressful thoughts are forced out of mind or at night when you step into a warm shower for 5 minutes of uninterrupted thought? Journaling or “thought-dumping” is another great way to reflect on the issues happening in your own life. Even if something is not apparent on the surface, it will likely show up in your writing and you’ll then be able to acknowledge the problem and resolve it. The easiest way to become your own self-care guru is to put intention behind something you’re already doing each day, and make that a soothing and thoughtful ritual that gives you exactly what you need—which is just a few minutes dedicated to yourself.

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