Packed lunch

The Perfect Healthy School Lunch

School’s on! Everyone in your family is probably incredibly busy and stressed between studying, coordinating carpools and pickups, and of course, packing school lunches. In order to keep your kids focused, energetic, and in shape, you have to make sure what they eat throughout the day is packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients. Here’s the perfect school lunch to pack for your kids to ensure they are in tip-top shape during the day.

Lean protein is key to bone and muscle development. Pack turkey, chicken, or tuna, and serve it on whole wheat. Throw on a piece of Swiss cheese to add a dose of calcium. Chickpeas, yogurt, or a hardboiled egg are also great options for protein. Soup and/or a peanut-butter and jelly (make sure they’re all-natural) make a great anchor as well.

Instead of a side of chips, make sure your kids are getting their fruits and veggies. Carrots, celery, fruit salad, almonds, apple slices with peanut butter, and any other fruit or vegetable you can think of are perfect sides for lunch. Even a side of quinoa or brown rice with veggies is a great way to pack nutrients into a side dish.

Of course, the perfect food must also have the perfect beverage! Pack a hint water with every lunch. Hint water has zero calories, zero diet sweeteners, zero preservatives, it’s natural and delicious. There are several flavors to choose from, so you can switch it up everyday. Also, you can subscribe to get your favorite flavors delivered right to your door. Check out for more details!