Key to Clear Skin

Is Drinking Water the Key to Perfect Skin?

We’ve all heard it, but is it true? Everyone seems to be going on and on about the benefits of water consumption on their complexion. Well, they are on to something, because our skin is 64% water! Staying properly hydrated keeps your skin hydrated and plump, and delivers nutrients to our cells in the most efficient way possible.

Have you heard claims of people saying they drink a gallon of water a day? Thrillist writer Wil Fulton actually does it for 30 days. And while his account is hilarious and details a lot of trips to the bathroom, he does claim that after drinking a gallon a day for 30 days, he felt like he had noticeably more energy, a better mood, and a brighter complexion!


Staying properly hydrated has also been associated with weight loss. The body’s thirst and hunger signals often get confused, and drinking your recommended, daily dosage of water can also suppress appetite.


In short, nothing bad can come from staying properly hydrated (expect maybe frequent bathroom trips!