Gift Ideas That Encourage Dad to Be Healthy and Hydrated

Nothing says, “I care,” like a gift for dad that encourages him to stay healthy and happy. Is dad a golf guy? Supply him with a new visor to protect his skin from the sun. Is he a traveler? Hook him up with a sparkly new water bottle. (On second thought, maybe skip the sparkles and go for a classic color.) No matter what you land on, make sure your gift says, “take care of yourself dad.”

We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that encourage dad to stay healthy and hydrated.

For the Dads Who Run

If dad is leading an active life, treat him with goodies that’ll motivate him to keep up the hard work. A new pair of running shoes could be the comfort and excitement that he looks forward to on his next run. We love these Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes ($60) that’ll arrive to Amazon Prime users faster than your dad’s best sprint record (sorry dad!).

If your family is the competitive type, try gifting dad a smartwatch that’ll log his stats accurately. The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch ($200) is trending on Amazon right now.  That way, when he starts boasting over his running accomplishments during dinner, the family can respond with, “Oh yeah dad? Show me your stats.”

Another way to display your admiration for dad’s fitness accomplishments is with a water bottle. Nothing says, “I love you,” like a fancy new water receptacle to encourage dad to stay hydrated before, during, and after his trek. Grab a bottle from Healthy Human ($14 to $37), they come in bright colors like guacamole or red hot to prevent dad from leaving his water bottle behind somewhere (again).

For Dads Who Love to Dine

Is dad a loose cannon in the kitchen? There’s a gift for that. Does this sound familiar: “My wife will no longer allow me to cook anything.” It’s a real-life dad who has discovered the food-delivery service, Munchery. He goes on to say, “[My wife] says Munchery tastes great and I am no longer needed in the kitchen. In all seriousness, great job. Awesome food.” Gift papa a Munchery credit (choose your amount) and the whole family will applaud the next time dinner is “on dad.”

Even though he’s had his entire life to practice drinking water, he may still struggle to stay hydrated. He may be the first person to tell you the majority of Americans are dehydrated most of the time because dad knows all. But does he practice what he preaches? The people at hint will make it easy for dad to stay hydrated. They put together a special flavored-water pack just for dad ($49 for 3 cases, plus free shipping).

For Dads Who Camp

Does dad find himself in the rugged outdoors often? Or perhaps, not often enough? Camping not only provides an opportunity for family bonding, and on occasion, a mental health getaway when pops is dealing with daily stressors. Hook dad up with a personal outdoor palace. More than 900 people rated this Coleman 2-person tent ($44) with 5-stars, so you know it’s legit.

When dad gets outside, you know he’ll to want to enjoy the luxuries of home like homemade iced tea or his favorite flavor of hint water®. We recommend you treat him with a cooler to keep all his favorite beverages cool. The YETI Portable Cooler ($300) is the best of the best.

What type of active lifestyle does the dad, uncle, or father figure in your life follow?

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