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Essential Facts About Hydration

Whether water is your go to drink or not, we all know our bodies are made up of it. But how much exactly? Overall, the body is about 60% water, the brain about 70%, and the lungs nearly 90%. Given those statistics, it is clear that replenishing the body’s water supply is important. But why is this so important?

Because our bodies use water for metabolism, maintaining a good body temperature, etc. it is important to replace the lost fluids. However, when fluid levels become too low, and the individual feels thirsty, the body is already experiencing dehydration. Because of this, some health professionals even say to never let your body get to the point of feeling thirst.

When you are thirsty your water intake and water usage ration is out of balance and the amount of blood available to pump through the body is low. As a result, the heart becomes strained, working hard to pump oxygen cells to various muscles. Once the body is dehydrated, symptoms may include, but are not limited to headaches, dizziness, feeling spacey, or a dry mouth. Over time, ignoring these symptoms can have save serious health risks such as digestive disorders, high blood pressure, or even obesity.water2

According to some, to maintain a healthy water intake and to avoid discomfort,  drinking eight eight to ten ounce glasses of water is the way to go. However, according to Dr. Heinz Valtin, an individual person’s water need is dependent on other various factors such as other drinks consumed throughout the day.

Instead of following what some may call a “rule of thumb” doctors suggest keeping a water bottle with you wherever you go, drink flavored water, or snack more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Downloading a water reminder app or purchasing a water bottle that encourages you to drink can also promote more water consumption. Whichever way you choose to drink more water, it is important to hydrate your body to avoid health risks, or any discomfort throughout your day.Easy ways to drink more water