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What Do Women and the 2016 Academy Awards Have in Common?

The 2016 Oscar nominees have been controversial, but on a more positive note, this year has definitely been a win for women. Almost half of the “Best Picture” nominated films are driven by a female actor or feminine story line. These films are Brooklyn, Room, and Mad Max: Fury Road.


Brooklyn is a period drama telling the story of Ellis Lacey’s immigration to Brooklyn from Ireland. The drama stems from the intersection of a new romance and her past, she eventually must choose between her two countries and the lives she has in each of them.


Room tells the chilling story of a women who was held captive for seven years in an enclosed room. She was kidnapped as a young child and eventually has a child by her captor, the film explores Brie Larson’s character’s relationship with her son and how they cope with their circumstances.

Also PS. How cute is Jacob Tremblay, Brie Larson’s screen son in the film? His cuteness has singlehandedly taken over the 2016 Award Season!

Mad Max: Fury Road

The women in Mad Max: Fury Road kick butt! In a post-apocalyptic world, all survivors are enslaved by the evil dictator, Joe. Warrior Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, leads an escape with the dictator’s five wives. Along the way, the women forge an alliance with Mad Max. It’s not every day you see an action movie driven by feminine forces, AND one that’s nominated for best picture!