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Why Prebiotics Are Important—and How to Get Your Fill

You’re likely acquainted with probiotics—and the benefits…
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Sugar, Soda, and Everything (Not So) Nice

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What Does “Healthy” Actually Mean? The FDA Is Redefining the Term

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5 "Healthy" Foods That Are Fooling You

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What Are the Healthy Alternatives to Sugar?

Honey. Agave Nectar. Molasses. Brown Sugar. Beet Sugar. Are these…

All the News That's Fit to Drink

In case you had a busy week, we pulled a few of our favorite…
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The Biggest Health and Wellness News of the Week

Here are a few health and wellness updates that you may have…
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Shopping Locally Has Its Benefits

An aspect of a healthy lifestyle is not only knowing what’s…

Is Stevia Bad for You?

Just because it's “natural” does that mean it’s good for you?