Ultimate Summer TV-Binge Guide

streaming sites are coming out with new TV shows like rapid fire lately! most of these services allow you to indulge in your content without the nuisance of commercial interruption, so why not treat yourself?! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate summer binge watching guide below!

If you want to keep up with the hottest trends:

Orange is The New Black

Orange is The New Black is perfect for binge watching because it comes out in full seasons, rather than one episode at a time. The show starts out following a woman as she navigates life in prison, but it quickly expands to telling the stories and intricate socially heirarchy and web of relationships within the whole prison. Season 4 released on June 17th, so there are plenty of episodes to watch!

If you are feeling nostalgic and need a laugh:

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy may be in black and white, but the personality doesn’t lack any color! Lucy is a fiery woman (and not just because of her red hair!