Plan Your Goals This Summer

A new season means new goals and intentions! We’re excited to start setting and accomplishing new goals – check out the planner companies coming out with new 2016-2017 editions!

Why have a physical planner when everything lately is going digital? Writing things down in a physical space helps you remember them, and helps you be more intentional. It can be a fun and easy form of scrap booking too.

Erin Condren is a top choice among planner lovers. You can customize the layout and format from their beautifully designed options. One of our favorite things about this planner is that so many creative people have made stickers specifically for the layouts to customize them even more. Check out some of these adorable stickers on etsy!

If you want to dive deeper into the goal aspect of planning, you can get a planner just for that! Migoals has a “goal digger” planner that helps you brainstorm and structure your goals so that they can actually be accomplished. You can layout exactly what you want to get done and figure out how fulfill them.

A happy combination between schedule planning and goal planning is the Inkwell Press planner. It has scheduling pages similar to those in the Erin Condren, but it adds a special page at the beginning of each month to establish your intentions and goals along with some additional long term planning pages. We love this as a way to set up your time more accordingly to your intentions of the month!

inkwell press

What are your goals for this summer?

Drinking more water is a great goal as the hot weather and summer activities leave you feeling dehydrated more often. Check out these adorable stickers that can be added to any planner to help you keep accountable to yourself in drinking more water! Drinking hint can be a great way to get your daily water in because it adds a little flavor and fun, but leaves out all the sweeteners.