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5 Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar

What happens when you quit sugar? Well, a whole lot of things. But these are the 5 things we think are the most awesome.


1.) You start to really taste food again

Sugar (especially diet sweeteners, which can be up to 600 times sweeter than sugar) make everything you taste, well, sweeter. What that does is program you to naturally gravitate towards sweeter and sweeter items. It also makes naturally sweet foods, like berries and sweet potatoes, seem not sweet enough, so you end up wanting to add sugar to Mother Nature’s candy. But, once you quit the sugary processed foods and eliminate diet sweeteners, you begin to truly taste your food again. You can pick up on the subtle sweet in apples, blueberries or bananas and as you go along your sugar-ditching journey, you’ll find that natural sweetness is really all you need.


2.) You feel better

The more and more you eliminate unneeded sugars in your life and replace them with fresh whole foods, your energy will pick up. We are what we put into our bodies. So, if you’re constantly putting in junk, well, we hate to say it, but you’ll feel like junk.

Make the healthy swaps. Think plain oatmeal with fresh fruit instead of sugary cereals; a whole egg with a slice of avocado on whole-grain toast instead of a sugary, protein- and fiber-lacking muffin; plain Greek or Icelandic yogurt with chopped fruit instead of flavored yogurts; and hint water instead of sugary fruit juice. Your energy levels will thank you and they’ll thank you even more when you make sure you’re drinking enough water.


3.) You’ll get healthier and may lose weight too

When you make the conscience choice to start ditching sugar, you’ll naturally start to become healthier. You’ll feel better, you’ll want to move more, you’ll make healthier choices, you’ll drink more water – and all of this lends to losing weight. We don’t lose weight by simply stating we’re on a diet (which never work), we lose weight by proactively making better choices for our health and wellbeing. And the more and more you practice this, the healthier you’ll feel and become, and your body will reflect those choices.

We constantly hear from fans how switching from diet soda or soda to hint water or hint fizz – alone – empowered them to make healthier decisions and helped them along their wellness and weight-loss journey. They did it and (absolutely) so can you.


4.) Sweet cravings become less and less

When we constantly eat sweet – well – we crave sweet. The more you choose to nourish your body with produce, healthy fats, protein, and whole grains and legumes, the more and more you’ll reprogram your body to crave those foods instead of sugary foods. But realize that it does take time, be patient, and continue to find your inspiration and support along the way, so you stay connected to your vision. Once you start making healthier decisions, become connected to your body, and choose to honor the body you have now (exactly as it is, no matter what size), you’ll choose to nourish your body. Overtime, this translates into less and less cravings of sweet (until they’re gone) and more and more (until that’s all that’s there) cravings of wholesome foods. Just keep going.


5.) You inspire others to do the same

Your decision to give up sugary foods will inspire others. They’ll see that you’re happier and healthier, and want some of that awesomeness too. There’s an old saying that we become like the 5 people we hang out with most, soon enough you’re friends and family will want to try out ditching sugar too.

We’d love to hear the awesome benefits you’ve seen from ditching sugar – leave a comment below!